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Xiamen Caron Stone Co.,Ltd

Office Add.: Room 601, No.89 Binshui Wuli ,Jimei District ,Xiamen ,Fujian ,China

Factory Add.: Xin'an Industry Zone,Neicuo Town,Xiang'an ,Xiamen,Fujian ,China .

Tel/fax: +86-592-6020229 . Email.:

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Ms Crystal  (Sale Manager)

Phone: +86-13559599144

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Mr Strong (Saler)

Phone:  +86-13559406075



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Phone: +86-13559599144

Tel: +86-13559406075

Company: China Culture stone,ledgestone panel,wall stone veneer,marble mosaic ,stacked wall cladding stone,floor tile,rock stone, nature paver stone, Artificial stone ,Natural Marble ,Granite,faux manfuctured stone panel,flagstone,decoration stone

Add: Room 601, No.89 Binshui Wuli , Jimei District, Xiamen ,Fujian,China

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